Decovery provides fast disaster recovery.

Decovery is a FREE mobile application and website for pre and post natural disaster building safety screening built by Spiral Scout. Decovery's pre-natural disaster application is used by field inspectors to quickly compile an electronic inventory of city buildings and structures, record important information about a building (pre and post natural disaster), and generate reports in real time for city officials about the buildings and areas that have been evaluated. 

Decovery is short for Disaster Recovery.

Decovery devices

Each year, natural disasters cost the world over $300 billion dollars on average and come in a number of different types.

Have a plan in place before a disaster, so it's not a complete disaster.

Plan better, Move faster and Save money and time.

Plan Better

Before a natural disaster, city admins can easily create or upload the exact questions or evaluation form they want to send to building inspections in the field. Then admins can pre-create assignments for building inspectors, so they can be sent quickly, avoid sending inspectors to the same building by mistake and know who is working on what parts of the city.  Admins and inspectors work in perfect coordination after a disaster strikes to report back on the damage to different parts of your city.

Saves Money and Time

First off, Decovery is free for cities to use. Secondly, by digitizing the assessment forms and collecting them into a database and finally prefill common data like addresses programmatically that was written on paper forms by hand in the past, thus saving more time and reducing user errors. Decovery is so simple to use it takes only a few minutes for admins and inspectors to be trained on how to use it.

Move Faster

Any manager can now create custom assessment forms, upload a list of their inspectors, assign them to a vehicle, send them to different regions of the city with specific deployment instructions and examine in realtime what the status of the work was that was completed while generating reports with the data they currently have. No more duplicating the work. Easily share data across departments and with city administrators.
Work without Internet
Decovery is reliable even when there is no internet connection. It saves the data to your local device and when you reconnect to a network it uploads your forms and media files in seconds.

Inspectors can create their own reports within the app, if there is no internet connection and save that data to be uploaded once they're connected in the future.
Manage your inspectors and buildings
We provide you with a admin dashboard where you can create events and assignments and then dispatch your inspectors around to buildings in the city.
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